Vibe Concepts has joined forces with Fabulously Fit Mums to create Vibe Fit Mums - the ultimate and most fun way to help Mums of all ages, shapes and sizes get back to being fit, fabulous and FEELING THE VIBE!

On this Level 1 Course you will learn how to use dynamic resistance bands with the Vibe formula; music fun and interaction! Using the bands, Vibe Fit Mums puts into practice all the components needed to ensure complete pelvic floor restoration and posture correction for new mums.   

You must have a Level 3 Award In Adapting Exercise For Ante Natal And Post Natal Clients, (please note we do offer this qualification, please email us for more information)

You will get;

  • Vibe Fit Mums Manual
  • Choreography
  • Certificate
  • Access to a Facebook group to share ideas, gain feedback and keep in touch with other learners as well as the tutors and assessors
  • Access to Vibe Subscribe, a paid subscription service where new Vibe choreography routines are uploaded monthly


Your Level 1 qualification has a shelf life of 12 months. Before the 12 months is up you will be required to attend a Level 2 Course. Once you have passed the Level 2 Course you are Vibe Fit Mums for LIFE! You will get the chance to present at Don't Just Ride Masterclass Events. The Vibe Events are happening all over the UK and are very successful. Here is the information you need to know about the Vibe Fit Mums Level 2 Course Assessment;

1.  You must move to the beat and rhythm throughout the whole class with good, strong, correct technique

2. On the day, wear Vibe clothing. You will receive a FREE Vibe Vest or T-shirt on the day of your Level 2 Course

3. There is a 10 Question Verbal Exam

4. You will be required to teach on the day. Please bring your music at the correct BPM

5. Be prepared to teach at least two blocks of choreography to include aerobics/standing conditioning choreography and a core sequence

6. You need to demonstrate that you are able to cue in your participants to the beat and phrase of the music

7. There is a PASS or REFER on the day

REMEMBER : Once the Level 2 is completed you are a VIBE FIT MUMS INSTRUCTOR for LIFE