The Vibe Cycle Level 1 Foundation Course is for both brand new Instructors to the fitness industry and also for those who are already teaching. Participants will learn how to use music as the foundation and inspiration in Vibe Cycle Indoor Cycling classes. Join the UK's leading indoor cycling concept and learn the Vibe Cycle way; that the music is the power AND the creator.

During the course you will be learn:

  • Correct cycling technique
  • Riding with the rhythm
  • Incorporating specific cycle moves to music
  • Understanding correct use of cueing and visuals.

All instructors will learn the Vibe Cycle philosophy, so they can teach a safe and effective class with the key elements of rhythm and fun. After this one day course you will receive;

  • Level 1 certificate
  • Vibe Instructor Manual
  • Vibe Vocabulary Manual

(Please note there is no prerequisite for this course and your certificate is valid for one year)


Your Level 1 qualification has a shelf life of 1 year. Before the 12 months is up you will be required to attend a Level 2 Course. Once you have completed the Level 2 Course you are Vibe Cycle for LIFE! You will get the chance to present at Feel The Vibe Masterclass Events. The Biggest Vibe day to date was in Coventry with 150 Bikes! The Vibe Events are happening all over the UK and are very successful. Here is the information you need to know about the Vibe Cycle Level 2 Assessment.

1.  You need to be able to teach riding to the rhythm leading with the right leg. You have to stay on the beat and rhythm throughout the whole track and class

2. Good, strong, correct technique

3. On the day, wear cycling shoes and Vibe Cycle clothing including Vibe leggings or shorts. You will receive a FREE Vibe Vest or T-shirt on the day of your Level 2 Course.

4. There is a 10 Question Exam

5. You will be required to teach on the day. Make sure you bring your music with you. Please prepare 6 tracks, you will be required to teach at least 3 of them

6. Your tracks need to have different BPMs i.e. sprint track, climb track and run track

7. There is a PASS or REFER on the day

REMEMBER : Once the Level 2 is completed you are a VIBE CYCLE INSTRUCTOR for LIFE.