This Core Restore Home Workout Programme is your first step and the foundation of your post natal recovery. In each workout 5 VITAL COMPONENTS are put into practice to ensure complete pelvic floor restoration and posture correction. 

To start with, your trainer will book you in for a Back To Exercise Consultation during which you will receive;

  • A Postural, Abdominal Separation and Pelvic Health Assessment
  • The identification of your current level of post-natal recovery
  • Exercise prescription
  • x4 Volumes of progressive Core Restore Workouts

You will also be provided with information on;

  • Why performing Kegels on their own to re-activate and re-condition the pelvic floor is not enough
  • Why sit-ups can cause more harm than good
  • How to practice "good abdominal care" throughout your WHOLE day

Please note, you will need a ball and resistance band to complete some of the exercises in the programme.






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