International Fitness Presenter Delvin Clarke and his 26 year old daughter Olivia are the high energy duo behind VIBE Concepts.  Keeping it in the family the father and daughter fitness instructors have created VIBE Concepts -  a group of freestyle, feel good, high energy fitness classes to great music. Delvin and daughter Olivia are regular contributors on TV talking about fitness and well-being. VIBE is all about the music, interaction and fun to keep everyone fit both physically and mentally. Delvin travels the world teaching classes combining over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry with his energy and charisma. There are currently 1000s of VIBE qualified instructors teaching in fitness clubs around the UK and abroad including Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the Middle East. If you would like to book Delvin and Olivia please contact Wendy Woolfson, one of the most successful talent agents for some of the UKs top influencers  WW Talent And PR

All the VIBE Concepts are LICENSE FREE. Freestyle fitness is now on the up, go to Teach Vibe to find out more.
Each VIBE Concept has the same 3 key aspects of VIBE, which are:
No. 1 Upbeat/motivating Instructor
No. 2 Use of the music and the rhythm
No. 3 Suitable for everyone

Our philosophy is Don't Just Ride, FEEL THE VIBE. We have many masterclass days available to book right now, have a look at our Events page for more information. These masterclasses are for EVERYONE - you don't need to be an instructor or a viber to come. We have the best time at these events - come and Feel The Vibe with us!

In 2016 VIBE became a YMCA Awards Accredited Centre and we now offer many Level 1, 2 and 3 YMCA Accredited Courses including Exercise to Music and Gym Instructor courses. For fitness instructors who would like to develop their careers, we offer specialised courses in teaching children, older adults, pre and post natal women and sports massage. If you are interested in becoming a tutor or an assessor we also run courses in these areas. Lots of opportunities are available to you as you develop your fitness career. Take a look at Teach Vibe to find out more.

In 2017 we launched Vibe Youth, which brings the Vibe brand to children aged 5 upwards. We held our very first Born To Vibe family masterclass in July 2017 which was a huge success. Email us to find out  more!

In 2020 we introduced VIBE Holidays, more information is on our Vibe Turkey page. We hope you will join us very soon on one of our trips!

Brand new for 2021, Vibe Concepts has joined forces with Fabulously Fit Mums to create Vibe Fit Mums - the ultimate and most fun way to help Mums of all ages, shapes and sizes get back to being fit, fabulous and FEELING THE VIBE! If you are you a Mum who has recently had a baby or if you are a Vibe Instructor who would love to work with Mums have a look at our Vibe Fit Mums page.

Please see below class descriptions of all our Vibe Concepts.

Vibe Cycle

Don’t Just Ride…Feel the Vibe! Vibe Cycle is a great fun workout, everyone can ride a bike! Each participant is in total control of their own resistance level. It is a fantastic way of getting fit and burning plenty of calories.

Vibe Step

This is basic, choreographed step class that uses fun and feel good moves with motivating music to ensure everyone has a great time! This class is suitable for brand new steppers as well as participants with previous step experience.


Vibe Power

Vibe Power is a freestyle resistance class with the focus on strength and power – low reps with high resistance. It is predominantly a barbell based class but many aspects of equipment training can be utilised. This class gets participants results FAST and feels great too!


Vi-Box offers instructors and their participants a fitness class that includes punch and knee strike combinations, cardio fitness, agility, strength, group interaction and fun. You won’t believe how much you can sweat in this class and still enjoy yourself!

Vibe Dance Aerobics

Basic aerobics moves with the Vibe twist – a fusion of different dance genres, focusing on simplicity, fun and fantastic music. This is a great feel-good aerobic workout!


Body conditioning done the Vibe way! Basic body conditioning with the use of bodyweight, partner work and conditioning equipment.

Vibe Dbands

The use of dynamic resistance bands with the Vibe formula; music fun and interaction. You will strengthen and tone your core and lower body and experience an amazing workout.

Vibe Kettlebells

Vibe Kettlebells is not your ordinary Kettlebells class, it’s Kettlebells done the Vibe way - using the energy and rhythm of the music! You’ll experience some awesome combinations that will make you forget you are taking part in a resistance class.

If you have a specific enquiry, if you would like an instructor training course or masterclass to be set up at a venue in your area please contact us.

To find a Vibe Class in your area please email us.