Here are some testimonials from previous students on our Level 2 Exercise to Music Course, (ETM).

Caite says; “I was warned that this would be tough and it was – I had to get my learning head on! However, I met a lovely group of people that were so supportive and made the process so much fun. The knowledge Catherine, Mary and Olivia have is incredible; ask as many questions as you can, prepare to eat, sleep, live ETM and remember to count to 32! I am so pleased that I’ve achieved my ETM and am excited to learn new concepts to take to my Vibe clients. ETM has opened up so many avenues and given me more confidence. Good luck”!


Tim says; ” My first experience of Vibe concepts was a vibe cycle masterclass, I loved it and it reignited my passion for
fitness, as a result I pushed myself to undertake a L1 Vibe Cycle qualification. I felt that this was something I wanted to pursue further, initially as a hobby but providing me with potential future options.

A really important prerequisite to be able to teach classes or undertake further instructor courses is the ‘exercise to music’ qualification (ETM) . I had been so impressed with the way vibe concepts deliver their courses from my previous experience, I applied to do the qualification with them.

The qualification requires alot of hard work especially if you have never taken this kind of course before and even though I have two left feet and a total lack or coordination I was successfully and patiently coached to achieve a positive result. There is plenty of support and help at hand and you are encouraged, motivated and mentored all the way through the course programme and beyond.

I would definitely recommend the course, I have learnt so much in the short time I have been instructing and have gained so much valuable experience from all the incredibly passionate, knowledgeable and professional people that were involved. This course definitely unlocks your potential and provides you with all the tools you need to become an fitness instructor, im definitely looking forward to taking more vibe courses in the very near future”.


Scott says; “ETM is not like any other course I’ve done, it’s tough, fast and fun, am I pleased to be done?! Yes, such a great feeling! Thank you to all the Vibers for making this Zumbarista feel welcome and for giving me the support I needed to smash it!”


Heather says; “I found ETM really interesting especially the principles to exercise . The A & P was easy for me. The practical side I struggled with but got there in the end. I think so long as you keep up to date with all the work, then it’s not to stressful. There was always you guys there to help and support when needed”


Kareena says; “People told me ETM was tough, but I didn’t quite realise how tough,intense, it was going to be. I have hopefully made some friends for life in my group, the support from within was what got me through”.




Claire says; “The Vibe Exercise to Music course is enjoyable, professionally run and very well supported throughout.”


Sarah says; “Thank you Delvin, Catherine and Mary. It was hard work and it did make my brain ache – a lot! But it was worth it!”


Sue says; “I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone: I’ve learnt so much and received the best support and advice possible and met some amazing people along the way.”


Lee says; “If you are looking to further your education into the fitness industry I would highly recommend doing your ETM as most gyms and clubs require this to teach in their clubs. For me personally after alot of research I’mm glad I did mine through VIBE as all the paperwork and pratical sessions where all planned out and easy to follow. The help and support you get is second to none .Vibe concepts well done on delivering an amazing first ETM course. So glad to have been part of it”