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Vibe Cycle
Posted on OCTOBER 1, 2015
Hi friends
Vibe Cycle
On the Sunday morning of the Fitness Fiesta we sat at breakfast deciding which classes to do,
Jean-marc was doing Vibe Cycle, the day before I didn’t feel like it and went Nordic walking instead, but today in my new ecstatic state, inspired from Benhinto the day before, and continuing the 48 hour challenge, it felt good to go.
We arrived at the class, which is what’s called a spinning class where you cycle to music, but Vibe Cycle was much more than that.
From the beginning I could feel the high vibrational energy. There were two girls on a stage teaching the class and giving instructions.
The loud exciting boom boom beat of the music began, and I could feel my emotional energy rising.
Then the twirling vortex purple lights began and sparkly stars on the ceiling, on the walls, moving fast all over the room, it felt like I was actually inside the vortex.
We were standing on the pedals of the bike, then swaying from side to side, pedalling really fast.
The class became more and more upbeat and exciting, the girls were encouraging us to make some noise, which we did, arms in the air screaming and shouting with joy.
They divided us into four groups and each group had to stand up on the pedal when their number was called, my number was two and I stood up when my number was called and pedalled like crazy.
By this time the sweat was dripping off us, our heart rates were right up there, and it was a blissful ecstatic moment in time.
At the end we slowed down, I was in a state of euphoria, and I had a strong impulse to speak to the girls.
I told Kate and Katherine that I thoroughly enjoyed their class and that I write regularly exactly on that subject of ‘feeling the vibe’ and that I would write about this class, I bought their t-shirt with Feel The Vibe written on the back. When walking away Katherine ran up to me with a free t-shirt
A magical experience indeed, created from inspiration and a strong desire to feel good, it’s all quite simple really.
Have a beautiful day
Love from
Loraine x

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