Vibe World Euphoria Weekend

We are very excited to announce two very special events with guest presenter from Greece, Christos Gabriel and the UK’s very own Delvin Clarke!

We are holding an extra special Freestyle Presenter Workshop on Saturday 4th May in Birmingham. This is suitable for;

  • New instructors who are interested in participating in this workshop to develop their freestyle skills,
  • Freestyle lovers and enthusiasts
  • Experienced instructors who are interested in pursuing a presenting career

This workshop will have a large practical element so be prepared to have lots of fun as you learn! Click here for more information and/or to book.

Then on Sunday 5th May we have a very special Don’t Just Ride Day, in Solihull. Christos and Delvin will be team teaching a fantastic, feel good and fun Vibe Step and Vibe Dance Aerobics Masterclass which will be followed by a Euphoric Vibe Cycle Masterclass with Delvin and special guests – we are super excited!!! Click here for more information and/or to book.

We hope lots of you will be joining us for this amazing fun packed World Class, Vibe Weekend. If you have any questions please email us!

More Vibe Exercise to Music Testimonials!
Oksana “I love step classes but I have never thought I could be a fitness instructor. I’m so glad I met Catherine and decided to do Level 2 ETM. It was hard work! I found it very challenging but overall it was worthwhile package of study. Catherine and Olivia were extremely supportive and friendly and explained everything clearly. They provided excellent materials (I found ETM practical videos very useful) and the teaching was enjoyable. I always received a reply promptly to any of my queries. I feel ready to progress and I have already booked Vibe Step Instructor Training Course 🙂 I would definitely recommend Vibe Concepts if you want a quality education, great correspondence, perfect content.”
Sarah “I recently did my ETM with Vibe Concepts and I would recommend doing it with them. Catherine and Olivia are dedicated, experienced tutors, who offer an enormous amount of encouragement all the way though. The workload is full-on, but there is plenty of support should you need it. This is a great qualification to have, so you can go on and train in other fitness concepts. Sign up to the course and get the skills you need to become a fitness instructor. I felt really empowered after passing my exams and can’t wait to embark on a new career; bringing fitness and fun to others. Feel the Vibe!”
Maddie “Doing the level 2 exercise to music course with Vibe Concepts has been such a great experience. Both tutors, Catherine and Olivia, consistently lead amazing learning sessions, gave helpful feedback and were always on hand to answer any questions about the course. Since completing the course they have continued to help and support with the next steps in becoming a fitness instructor. Thankyou!”
Emma “If you’re thinking about doing your ETM with VIBE then just do it, with endless support from tutors and your own dedication you can do it! It’s not just a course, you make friends, memories and gain so much in confidence! For me this course plus my whole journey with vibe is one I will hold close to my heart! It isn’t just a concept it’s a community and one I’m greatful for!”
Vibe Testimony From Sarah

Sarah Spinderlla:

I started Vibing at the end of 2017 and absolutely loved it. I attended a class without knowing what it was, and was hooked!
It was a revelation to me that a cycling concept existed that was so uplifting and fun. I love music; and so combining inspiring tracks with cool moves, as Vibe does, is the best thing I’ve come across to-date. Having such fun while one is getting fit – what’s not to like?
After attending classes for maybe 3 months, I decided I wanted to teach myself. The training day was amazing and the ‘Vibe’ between the instructors and trainees is very special.

Delvin exudes a very genuine love for his Vibe creation and passes that on to everyone who attends his classes. It’s infectious!

Other Vibe instructors are kind, and offer plenty of advice and support to new starters. It feels like a big family – everyone cares about each others’ experiences.

I managed to start working quite quickly and love making up my routines; constantly adding tracks to my repertoire to keep the classes fresh.

I think what I like the most about teaching, is making classes inclusive to whomever attends. Everyone has different goals fitness-wise and the great thing about Vibe, is that it is accessible for everyone.

I am a sign language tutor and interpreter in my day-to-day working life; working with children and adults who are deaf. I have been doing it for over ten years and find it an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.

I adore working with people from all walks of life, and make every effort to help and assist others in whatever way is appropriate at the time.

Vibe fits into this ethos very well, as one is coaching others to have fun and feel good about themselves through the uplifting nature of Vibe. I love it!

I have two children, and my daughter is desperate to be old enough to participate in Vibe classes. I think I need to start the ‘Teenage training’ soon, so that I can teach her.